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Why Plug and Play (PnP) is the core of ZOI

Why Plug and Play (PnP) is the core of ZOI

How to save time and money and get started faster

I remember in the nineties, when PnP enabled my hardware device to discover new components without my intervention. Graphic cards could suddenly be set up in no time – and my experience (mostly gaming) could be fast-tracked. Ever since then it has been a term which has been expanded to cover a variety of other user setups.

We have adapted the PnP concept in the development of ZOI. 


Because it was a revelation and created so much joy. Easy to use and breaking down the technical and competency walls for getting software up and running – what’s not to like! 

The majority of ZOI users don’t need advanced customisation and to this day no charity has been over-sourced. If benchmarking is to be accessible to all, with the ease of just plugging it into your existing APIs, then two fundamental principles needed to come into play:

  1. We need to simplify what we are looking at, to ensure transparency and unity in what we analyse. And that’s why this second coming of benchmarking software is standardised – to save your time and money
  2. Key KPIs are predefined to reflect fundamental digital market knowledge. We may all have our unique approaches and pet KPIs to look at – but when you are exploring generic digital channels like Facebook and Google – the most important metrics are already defined by expert users. 

With a development phase of this second version of ZOI, we managed to code, analyse and bring it to life in just 8 weeks. We brought in experts on digital marketing from beyond our sector and cooperated with advisors who work with digital fundraising every day.

Need for customisation

But there will always be a need to look at new areas to discover. And we are ready for this!

It is all about the dialogue with ZOI users. Yesterday we had a chat about analyzing media spend output compared to the type of device used by our digital audience. You know the question about whether desktop, mobile or tablet is our best avenue of engagement? 

Well that’s a good one – so we have a new dashboard for the backburner. And then, ZOI will customise this for everyone. So you can spend your energy on talking with your team and taking decisions instead of spending hours and hours setting up widgets and waiting weeks for the results.

Together we can harness a vast field of expertise and create an easy-to-use system that will enable you to get a head-start on building insights into your digital fundraising. 

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