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Here's what you can expect to see in ZOI

Overview of the insights available

Overview of the insights available

Overview of data and insights delivered

We are continuously developing the ZOI methodology through dialogue with advisory boards and market research. If you have any wishes or perspectives that we should explore – do get in touch! We would love to hear from you.

A key performance metric is the financial performance of your digital presence. It is always essential to know how many leads, members, regular givers and online donors you have to summaries your digital income.

ZOI gives you a full understanding of the relationship between fundraising performance and digital KPIs. 

Take part and these insights will help you develop new strategies and optimise your activities.  

You get your Digital Advantage Annual report at the start of each year. So, you can include this in your planning and evaluation of your previous year’s performance. This gives you the high-level insights which can be shared with your colleagues.

And secondly, you can continuously access our range of channel-specific dashboards. For either monitoring your ongoing performance, or just getting up to date insights needed when launching new tests and campaigns.

The following list is just a top-level overview of the huge amount of detail available in the dashboards. Talk to us if you would like to discuss more details. 


Volume of traffic
  • Volume and origin of traffic.
  • Sessions annually, quarterly on your primary website.
  • Sessions on desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • Sessions on channels: direct, referral, organic, CPC and email
  • Sessions on social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube
Quality of traffic
  • Average session time in seconds on units and social media
  • Average pages per session on units and social media
  • New and returning visitors
  • Rejections on units, channels and social media
  • Bounce-rate
  • Pages per session
  • Average time on site


  • Number of one-time donors and average amounts
  • Number of members and regular givers recruited
  • Types and volume of leads
  • Overall income on site

Google Ads and Ad Grants 

Quality of ads
  • Click rate and average position
  • Quality score on search words and expected CTR- score
  • Ad relevance score
  • Landing page score
Value of ads
  • Used amount including Google ads Grant
  • Price per click
  • Amount used
  • CRM and CPC

Email Marketing

Quantity metrics on email list

  • Performance on your largest email list
  • Change in email list volume:
Quality performance on email lists
  • Average opening rates and CTR on list
  • Best and worst performing opening rate and CTR


Facebook Page
  • Likeability - activity
  • Volume on-page, paid, viral and organic
  • Quality on-page interactions
Facebook Posts
  • Usage of post
  • Volume of average posts; all, organic and paid
  • Quality of average post, including interactions, users and click rates
Facebook Ads
  • Metrics for adds – volume and reach
  • Quality of ads - actions, CTR, comments and interactions
  • Value of ads – amount used, prices, clicks – all and unique

Instagram Ads

  • Reach and exposures for ads
  • Quality of ads
  • Actions and interactions on ads
  • Reactions to ads
  • Comments and shares
  • Clicks, Unique clicks, CTR and unique CTR


  • Views, view rate and clicks
  • CTR
  • Time per expositor
  • Quality of traffic
  • Watch Time
  • Engagement and engagement rates

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