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It's easy to get started with ZOI

It's easy to get started with ZOI

Four easy steps to getting more insights

We all agree that knowledge is important, although getting access to it can be tricky. So we’ve decided to make the process easy. There are just four easy steps to get your individual report.

So here's the easy way to get started

  1. Join
    Decide to take part – sign up here
  2. Sign a data agreement
    We know that your data is sensitive, which is why we'll show you how carefully we deal with your information.
  3. Collection of data
    You chose. You can either
    A) Choose to use the API’s and gather fundraising data by following a DIY instruction we supply. 
    B) We can help you do it, we set up a quick Skype meeting and get things sorted – all you have to do is bring the right permissions for the channels you want analysed.

    Last year it took users 2-3 hours, including the time of pulling together fundraising and lead data from your CRM.

  4. Sit back and wait for the online Skype presentation.
    You and your colleagues are invited to join us for an online introduction and overview. It is a joy and cool learning experience.

So send us a message, and we can walk through the steps or set up an online demo for you to see what ZOI has to offer.

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